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Supporters of NSE-14:


After a long week of hard work, we ran into a single show-stopper problem: the tank of helium Team Prometheus had intended to use for the flight was empty when they checked the levels. Despite a frantic search of local suppliers, no helium or hydrogen was available in time - John Johns from Dallas Texas had even volunteered earlier this week to drive down for the launch with high-end video equipment and supplementary helium, but his tank was also found depleted today.

Unfortunately, Jeroen and I aren't able to stay in Lampasas for a rescheduled mission next week, since our flights are already booked. However, stay tuned for further updates as we reschedule and fix a new date for the flight test of the ArduSat!

Welcome to the homepage for Near Space Expedition 14 (NSE-14), the high-altitude balloon test of the ArduSat payload! ​On September 22 at 10am CDT (8am PST), we'll be launching a prototype of the ArduSat payload to 100,000 feet using a weather balloon built by Team Prometheus.

Below is the video and live chat from Team Prometheus' live channel, where we'll stream live video from our mission control, video and data from the balloon itself, and show the balloon's current position on Google Earth.

Check out the Updates tab for daily updates on the progress towards the flight, and on launch day, join us via live chat to ask questions or post comments during the flight!



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